stilt walking


Detlef Vogt

Walk Acts

…distinctive mobile actions on stilts that need no stage or technical background may be offered as an alternative or additionally, with any show. They are particularly suitable for events with walking spectators whose attention should be attracted – e.g. at fairs, firm events, city festivals etc. At your request, via this untraditional and attractive way, we may also distribute advertisement material or “give-aways”.

The following Walk Acts are offered:
-Detlef and his animal friend Bruno
-Detlefocus, the medieval juggler (also possible with his female partner – performing a living marionette)
-a giant with modelling balloons
Length: versatile, possible during the whole day

Other shows:
Der Flammenwerfer - fireshow
Juggling Comedy Show
High-Light-Show – the light show
Detlefocus – the medieval juggler